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The Czech Republic’s Ten Beautiful Places To Visit

The Czech Republic is a country located in Central Europe. It is bordered by Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. This country is further divided into three regions; namely, Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. The Czech Republic has lots to offer its visitors, and here are the ten beautiful places that are a must-see in this country.

1.) The Prague Castle

This is recognized by the Guinness World of Records as the largest and oldest castle in the whole wide world. This is a very impressive castle that seems to be guarding the city below. You can also see here the St. Vitus Cathedral as well as other smaller palaces.

2.) Charles Bridge

This is only one of the many bridges in Vltava. It was constructed during the 14th century and is considered as oe of the most stunning bridges in Prague. During the day, it is nice to stroll along the Charles Bridge and get to enjoy the many stores and restaurants and bars that are located here.

3.) The Old Town

If you want to see what an ancient town looks like, then visit The Old Town. This is also considered as Prague’s historical center as it houses a lot of historical buildings as well as monuments, the most popular of which is the Astronomical Clock or the Orloj. There are also a lot of historical churches that you can visit here.

3.) Josefov

This historical Jewish ghetto is a must-visit place. Here, you will get to see old synagogues that are well maintained, and you will also see here the Jewish Cemetery, thought of as the oldest cemetery in Europe. There is also a burial site that you can visit which is said to be Prague Golem’s.

4.) New Town of Prague

Its main tourist spot is the Wenceslas Square where you will get to enjoy shops and restaurants as well as little stalls. You can also visit the National Museum. Along the Boulevard, you will also see parks as well as arcades and modern discos as well as new buildings.


5.) The Lesser Town

What this offers is picturesque views of streets and old churches. The most popular church is the St. Nicholas Church. You can also see the famous Lennon Wall here.

6.) City Center of Brno

If you want to see more historical buildings, then go on to the City Center of Brno. Here, you will surely enjoy the sights of its old churches as well as theaters. You are also going to see here numerous sculptures as well as fountains as you walk along its streets.

7.) Spilberk Castle

This castle/fortress is located in Brno and used to be a famous notorious prison where a lot of people were tormented and tortured during the Austro-Hungarian Empire era. Now, it houses a museum as well as a restaurant to dine in. There is also a park that offers wonderful sights which you can visit.

8.) Vankovka Gallery

If you are fond of shopping, then go on to the Vankovka Gallery. This used to be an industrial center but was later converted to a big shopping center. You can still see some historical industrial buildings here and, at the same time, shop till you drop.

9.) Cesky Krumlov State Castle and Chateau

This is one of the famous tourist destinations in Krumlov. Here, you will see the castle complex and even explore it for free. If you want to see its interiors, then there is the paid guided tour for you to choose.

10.) Namesti Svobody

This is also called the Freedom Square. This is the place where most cultural events are held. So if you want to see a cultural event, then head on to Namesti Svobody.

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